Friday, December 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes Of Our Holiday Photoshoot...

            Behind every photo, there are a thousand words. To break this sentence down and analyze it, I would say that photos capture the most meaningful moments in time, or maybe moments that weren't meant to be captured, but were actually quite brilliant. The holiday photo shoot with Melanie Renee Design was every element that would be combined as perfection. Starting at 7:00 in the morning was quite the fresh start, but as soon as the caffeine did its magic, everyone was excited and lively. While Tanya and Sigita were setting the fabulous scene, Prem was testing his camera for perfection, and Heather and I were sculpting a masterpiece with hair and makeup on our lovely model Bianca. We started with the Valentines day shoot and our main goal with this shoot was to make sure the scene was very innocent but sexy. Although these terms are antonyms, there is room for both of them in a photo. When Heather and I were discussing Valentines day, we decided to go light with the eyes with a bright red lip and messy curls to the side for that fun flirty vibe. Valentines Day was an enjoyable shoot featuring the Lola, but it was also the warm up shoot so it took a little longer than the others. Next was Christmas eve and for this shoot we had a luminous Christmas tree with bright bulbs and an abundance of various decor. Christmas was glamorous featuring the Minnie's and the Estelle, as we found enjoyable time in making illusions with the photography as you will see in the future presentation of the new photos. We had Christmas music and snacks in the background to fully grasp the essence of the holiday. Bianca sported a natural smile throughout the entire photo shoot because it was truly a fun experience and I am happy to say that we are all goofy people with a fabulous sense of fashion. I cannot fail to mention poopy/bubbles/gigi/pumpkin the dog, for she was quite the fashion diva and hit of the entire day and if there was any moment lacking energy, this dog made up for it times one hundred...cute! Our final shoot of the day was New Years eve with the black Minnie and it was fabbbbbulous! We used gold and silver colors for the background with a black masquerade masque that turned out amazing. If there was any part of the shoot that was extremely sexy, this was the moment and for her makeup I did a dark smoky eye and heather slicked back her curls in to a more formatted bun to the you have chills yet? Overall it was an extremely successful day and I cannot ask for a better team to work with to produce a beautiful outcome. If you are looking for clothing for any occasion, I am telling you that Melanie Renee Design has everything that you are looking for and more! We are not only a company that produces beautiful clothes, but beautiful meaning. Like I always say, if you are going to fall, fall for Melanie Renee Design. : )


Jenna Gularte

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