Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wear Melanie Renee Design for the Holidays!

                With the beautiful month of November creating a cool transition to winter in San Luis Obispo, Christmas advertising has arrived unbelievably early this year. Instead of enjoying the slow transition, advertisers have urged people to race into department stores. Advertising for Christmas has come so early this year, that I almost forgot about Thanksgiving. What college student forgets about Thanksgiving? With all of these thoughts in mind, I personally did not have to look too far to figure out what I was going to wear for all the holiday's this season. If you enjoy the shopping experience without the hectic crowds and feisty girls who treat the last dress on the rack like it was their last meal, then you will enjoy our company.

Melanie Renee Design has an official website that displays all Melanie's designs for sale,  and I can guarantee that the feisty girl will not be there to take the last item. Each piece is completely unique, displaying its own name, personality, and most importantly, showing versitility, that can be dressed up or down.

Rather than going to the closest FOREVER 21, where every 1 in 5 girls at the party will have the same outfit, I decided to make an impression for the holiday's by sporting Melanie Renee Design. No negative feelings towards FOREVER 21, in fact I love the company, I just personally wanted to explore a difference in fashion by purchasing an outfit that no one else will have.
"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well."  -Vivienne Westwood
 To get you more familiar with the company, there are several different lines on the website, where each line offers a different look, personality and idea. Personally, I am wearing the Penelope from the Jardine Collection for a Christmas party in December and I have my eye on the Estrelle dress from the Hollywood Collection for Christmas Eve. How to wear them? The great thing about fashion is that one can take a piece of fashion and dress it up, or down, depending on the occasion. When I wear the Penelope, I wear stiletto heels, long pearls with a long silver necklace, adding an extra flair and diamond studded earrings. In terms of hair, an updo hairstyle such as a french twist really works if your hair is long enough. Wear Melanie Renee Design for the holidays and watch heads turn as you walk into your next event!

More questions on how to dress your outfit from Melanie Renee Design, email me at and I will be flattered to help your outfit make an impression!

Jenna Gularte
The Journalistic Intern

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Lisa Leonard said...

love it! and i will be wearing melanie renne for the holidays!!