Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Melanie Renee Sample Sale!

Embrace it, love it, buy it!

Melanie Renee Design company hosted a sample sale in downtown San Luis Obispo a couple weeks ago and if my eyes were correct, it was quite the success! With the smiles of new customers and the appearance of Melanie, the sale was clearly a fun event. Because of the presentation of beautiful garments and jewelry, the members of the company were able to capture people from off the street, not only by the hand, but by the heart. As Melanie was glowing with her beautiful pregnancy, there was also another pregnant woman who came to the sale and found inspiration in the line. The woman found a beautiful mamba that she could wear during her pregnancy and after. Very rarely will a woman find a gorgeous outfit that can be worn during and after pregnancy and that is where we find Melanie Renee Design absolutely unique and glamorous. When I say embrace the clothing, it is because wearing anything by Melanie Renee Design is an experience all of its own. When I put the clothing over my head, a striking sense of confidence sends a pulse throughout my entire body. Every piece of clothing has its own name, personality, and occasion. If you want to fall in love with something, fall in love with Melanie Renee Designs…I know I have!

Jenna Gularte
The Journalistic Intern

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Tanya said...

Love it that Women are running this company! Everything about Melanie Renee Design seems to empower the feminine!